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Competing claims for ’56

On the 58th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution, commentators tend to claim the sole inheritance of the revolution for their own political families and deem the opposing side unworthy of the memory of the anti-Soviet uprising. READ MORE

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Opposition to planned Internet tax

Right-wing bloggers are infuriated by the government’s plan to impose a new tax on the use of the internet. They accuse the ruling party of reneging on its earlier position. READ MORE

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US entry ban still in focus

Commentators believe the government is taking the scandalous developments seriously but arenot yet sure about the consequences. In his last published comment before his death, a right-wing columnist scorns the left for seeking foreign help in the light of its successive electoral defeats. READ MORE

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“America is a friend”, conservative philosopher warns

Commenting on the unprecedented case of Hungarian officials and businessman banned from entering the United States (see BudaPost, October 20), a well-known conservative philosopher thinks the government should avoid antagonising the United States. READ MORE

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Hungarian officials and businessmen banned from entering US

As the US bans a number of unnamed Hungarian state officials and businessmen from entering the US, left-wing and liberal columnists contend that the US wants to teach what they call the corrupt and increasingly pro-Russian Orbán government a lesson. Conservative pundits believe that the US wants to set an example and send the message that it does not tolerate any deviation from its foreign policy line or any violation of its financial interests. READ MORE

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Far-right militia dissolved by court

As the Szeged Tribunal disbands the Szebb Jövőért (For a Better Future) organization created by the former leaders of the Hungarian Guard which was dissolved in 2009, the leading left-wing daily predicts that another similarly racist organization will be set up soon. READ MORE

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Conservative perspectives on Atlantic integration

A conservative columnist contends that the proposed US-EU free trade agreement is likely to serve US geopolitical interests and may not be in line with the wishes of Europeans. A moderate commentator believes that the US is bent on increasing its formal and informal influence in Eastern Europe in order to weaken illiberal regimes which challenge its hegemony. READ MORE

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Left’s search for identity continues

A pro-government columnist predicts that the left-wing parties will continue their battle for ideas and leadership as Socialist leader Tóbiás announces plans to distance the MSZP from the liberal opposition parties. A left-wing commentator welcomes his plan to reconnect with poor voters in the countryside who have been lured away by Jobbik. READ MORE

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Opposing assessments of low electoral turnout

Left-wing liberal columnists contend that the Fidesz victory in the municipal elections is the result of growing defeatism and apathy among voters. A conservative commentator, on the other hand, believes that low turnout is an indication of voters’ confidence and trust in the governing party. READ MORE

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Fidesz dominates local elections

Commenting on the results of the municipal elections, the leading left-wing daily calls for a complete overhaul of the Left in order to stop the emergence of what it calls a totalitarian one-party system. The leading pro-government daily points out that the Left managed to increase its support slightly within the new electoral system which it often called illegitimate and biased. READ MORE

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