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Ruminations on the Ukrainian Parliamentary election

A conservative columnist commenting on the Ukrainian Parliamentary election predicts that the euphoria will soon recede and the new democratically elected government will have to do its best in order to normalize the country and strengthen democratic stability. READ MORE

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A second round of internet tax protest

As masses of Hungarians protested against the government proposed internet tax, a centrist analyst maintains that PM Orbán has no easy solution to resolve the situation. READ MORE

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US accused of pressuring Hungary

Right-wing columnists commenting on the Sunday anti-Fidesz protest accuse Washington of trying to pressurise and destabilise the Orbán government through non-democratic means. They disagree, however, on whether the Hungarian government should take up the gauntlet or seek reconciliation. READ MORE

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Thousands demonstrate against internet tax

The leading left-wing daily describes how Sunday’s protest against the planned internet tax turned into an overall anti-Fidesz demonstration. A moderate blog wonders if the opposition will in the future try to counter the government through similar, not necessarily non-violent mass rallies. READ MORE

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America wants policy change in Hungary

Commentators across the political spectrum agree that the United States wants Hungary to reverse the political course it has been following for the past few years. All place the recent American entry ban imposed on six Hungarian personalities suspected of corruption in this context. But they disagree on who is right and who is wrong in this dispute. READ MORE

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The USA’s own Norwegian Fund problem

Pro-government commentators find it strange that while Washington sees Hungarian moves to investigate Norwegian funded projects as a serious attack on civil society, the United States has its own problems with Norwegian financed think tanks posing as independent research institutions. READ MORE

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Competing claims for ’56

On the 58th anniversary of the Hungarian revolution, commentators tend to claim the sole inheritance of the revolution for their own political families and deem the opposing side unworthy of the memory of the anti-Soviet uprising. READ MORE

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Opposition to planned Internet tax

Right-wing bloggers are infuriated by the government’s plan to impose a new tax on the use of the internet. They accuse the ruling party of reneging on its earlier position. READ MORE

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US entry ban still in focus

Commentators believe the government is taking the scandalous developments seriously but are not yet sure about the consequences. In his last published comment before his death, a right-wing columnist scorns the left for seeking foreign help in the light of its successive electoral defeats. READ MORE

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“America is a friend”, conservative philosopher warns

Commenting on the unprecedented case of Hungarian officials and businessman banned from entering the United States (see BudaPost, October 20), a well-known conservative philosopher thinks the government should avoid antagonising the United States. READ MORE

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